Monday, July 5, 2010

old demon

basic concept sketch,just blended in multiply mode...


  1. Hi Sutapa,
    I didn't understand your explanation about your art. You said it is made on photoshop which requires a lot of source images. Does it mean you are collecting pictures from various sources and then blending them with each other to make a complete image? For instance, this demon has a belly which looks like a fat man's abdomen but his hand looks like a wrestler's arm and his face is a blending of half human and half ape? Anyway, whatever it is I salute your power of imagination. The surname you carry is absolutely perfect. You are a real craftman.

  2. Hi Swarnendu,
    It feels really encouraging to get good comments.
    While going through your points,what I understood is,you've got it right....but have chosen the wrong example. It means, the demon image you were talking about... is completely a sketch,done in PS3 with the help of basic brushes and color blending options. This is called "digital Painting",where as the 'underground world' or the "mountain landscape" painting is the example of matte painting,which requires couple of source images compiled together to create a composition.
    I wish,this time I clarified well. Thanks my friend!!

  3. Now I understand the technique. Actually I have interest in painting from my childhood. But I never learnt it. Now when I get a chance I open MS paint and do whatever comes in my mind. I feel that it's hard to do what I wish on this medium because the options are limited. You may watch some of my 'faltoo' works on So when I saw yours I was curious to know which software supports such things to do. You are an artist so I am confused wheather I should show you my works or not. pardon me because those are nothing serious. I did not find you on orkut.

  4. very nice to see this old demon, very good lighting, good job